Project duration: ~One month
Projectvorm: Fixed price, production
Period: 2016
Activities: Design circuit, prototyping, production
TechnologieŽn: Diptrace, DC conversion


The lead customer on this project asked us to develop a replacement regulator module for the obsolete Texas Instruments PT78HT205. The design needed to match the PCB footprint of the old device and be capable of operating under full load in a 65°C ambient while being conformally coated.

After a couple of attempts we came up with this solution based on a synchronous buck regulator device from Micrel in combination with a low resistance LHI inductor from Würth Electronic.

Switchmode 5V regulator


  • Output voltage 5V 1%
  • Output current 6A max
  • Efficiency up to 94.3%
  • Input voltage 8-28V
  • Vertical or horizontal 5-pin 2.54mm spaced signal pins
  • Includes adhesive thermal conductive pad

Special versions:

The regulator can be customised for other voltages such as 1.8V, 2.5V 3.3V. Also a 9A version is possible, if thermal behaviour of the system allows.