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Conducted EMI testing can be challenging due to the wide variety of coupling/decoupling networks that might be required for such a test.

Building these things yourself is actually quite easy once you find a suitable enclosure and know the ferrite stack that meets the impedance requirements. Unfortunately, suitable enclosures seems non-existent, so we designed a custom solution that is tailored for this purpose. We made a design that is particularly suitable for custom builds due to the open frame model and riveted connector panels. This makes machining of custom hole patterns much easier.



  • CDN-S1 with BNC*, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-S4 with USB-A/B*, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-S8 with RJ45*, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-S9 with DB9*, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-M1 with banana (yellow) earthed, 16A
  • CDN-M2/M3 with bananas (brown/blue/yellow), 500Vpk 4A
  • CDN-AF2/AF4 with 4p 3.81mm pluggable screw terminals, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-AF3/AF6 with 6p 3.81mm pluggable screw terminals, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-AF8 with RJ45 connectors, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-AF9 with DB9 connectors, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDN-T2/T4 with 4p 3.81mm pluggable screw terminals, 300Vpk 1A
  • CDNE-M with bananas (brown/blue/yellow), 500Vpk 4A
  • CDNE-L with 4p 3.81mm pluggable screw terminals, 300Vpk 1A

*) Shield switchable to earth or floating via 47nF
CDN-Sx models also usuable as CDNE-A, CDNE-S


  • Per IEC 61000-4-6:2014 / EN 61000-4-2:2013 Annex C
  • Coupling impedance 100Ω
  • 50Ω BNC Connection
  • 2mm Aluminium enclosure with 4mm POM endplate
  • Dimensions 80×80×182mm
  • Flanges 18mm with 6mm slots
  • ...
Made in Holland


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84-446-211CDN-M1 Banana earth, 16APreorder only€ 580 ex VAT
84-446-221CDN-S1 BNC switched earth/floating, 300V/1APreorder only€ 690 ex VAT
84-446-229CDN-S9 Sub-D switched earth/floating, 300V/1APreorder only€ 710 ex VAT
84-446-234CDN-AF2/AF4 3.81mm terminal blocks, 300V/1APreorder only€ 720 ex VAT
84-446-801Calibration BNC fixture and 100ohm adapterPreorder only€ 135 ex VAT