Projectvorm: Fixed + production margin
Period: Mid 2023
Activities: Electronics design, prototyping, enclosure design, firmware development, development of C and Python test & demo applications, product safety, production, support & after-care.
Technologies: STM32 Cortex M3, patient contact safety, IEC 60601-2-83 compliance, DipTrace, USB HID, bootloader.


Corpus Analyser is a body diagnostics system that claims to be able to diagnose a wide variety of health problems. One of the body parameters that is used for this diagnostics is the conductivity of the skin, similar to a simple lie-detector.

This sensor device provides the hardware capability for measuring this skin conductivity. The sensor is a USB-powered dongle with two lathe conductive surfaces that are easy to hold. In addition to this measurement capability, the device provides a motion sensor and an RGB LED indicator for feedback during the measurement process. Carefull hardware design allows for safe operation even in the event of catastrofic failure of the connected computer, up to the point of mains connected directly to the USB cable.


  • Conductivity range: 0-1000µS (approximately)
  • Source impedance: 2.34MΩ
  • Compliance voltage: 3.3V
  • Protocol: propretary USB-HID
  • Indicator: RGB LED 3× 8-bit PWM
  • Dimensions: 120mm × ⌀20mm
  • Connection: 1.8m USB Type A

ARM Cortex M3


From our point of view, this device is just a general purpose skin resistance sensor. We do not acknowledge medical-related claims or assumptions related to the use of this technology.