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Testing IP before purchase is usually not very easy, but it is this time! With this evaluation board you get a librarized version of the S131 Infrared protocol stack and a free compiler. Now you can test the IP in your application at very little cost.

Board picture Specifications:
      S131 Infrared stack library (locked to board),
      I121 SIR Endec component (jedec only),
      Renesas H8/300H HD68F3684H/3687H microcontroller,
      Xilinx XC9536XL CPLD,
      Vishay TFDU4100 IrDA transceiver,
      RS232 interface,
      Densitron LM4047 LC display (optional),
      Infrared protocols:
         IrOBEX for vCard & vMemo,
      Dimensions (lw): 80x50mm,
      Power: 5 - 15V, 1A DC (not included)

Intelectual property:
The evaluation board includes a library version of the S131 Infrared protocol stack with IrOBEX option to demonstate the functionality of this stack. A dip switch is provided to enable the IrCOMM, IrLPT and IrOBEX protocols separately. IrCOMM and IrLPT communications are routed to the on-board RS232 connection. On LCD equipped evaluation boards, simple IrOBEX objects that are beamed to the board are parsed and then displayed on the LCD.
The Xilinx CPLD on the board comes preprogrammed with the I121 SIR Endec VHDL component. At the price of less than one euro, this is a very viable alternative for the dedicated SIR endec silicon solutions.

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69-105-100Infrared evaluation board with Renesas H8/300H and Xilinx 9536Obsoleten/a
69-105-110Infrared evaluation board with Renesas H8/300H, Xilinx 9536 and LCDObsoleten/a

€ 25 discount on purchase of I121SRC and € 100 discount on purchase of S131SRC within 2 months after purchase of one of these evaluation boards! (When applicable, please mention this in your purchase order or in the comment field of the online store. Don't forget to include the invoice number of evaluation board purchase.)