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Everybody who exersizes prototyping with nowadays typical production parts will now how hard it is to build a reliable circuit. Once finally finished and operational, not seldom all the prototype gets damaged because of some dangling oscilloscope probe. All the work and trouble can easily be avoided with a dedicated PCB, but usually there is no time nor budget for this.
That is why this prototyping board is designed. It offers room for discretes in SOT23 package as well as some opamps and logic in standard SOT23-5 package. 0603 pads for most typical circuit configurations complete the board. This way various parts of the design can be prototyped without wires, while the various parts can be connected with wires that are soldered to tinned vias instead of directly to the components.

board model 3D

      3 x SOT23 + 12 x 0603,
      3 x SOT23-5 + 8 x 0603,
      4 x SOT23-5 TinyLogic,
      Dimensions (hwd): 23.1x37.4x0.8mm.

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69-106-010SMD Prototyping board 10 pcsObsoleten/a
69-106-025SMD Prototyping board 25 pcsObsoleten/a