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Many embedded projects need a temporary serial connection with a PC. Either for monitoring trace output or for programming embedded processors or devices. That's why many developers have found themselves assembling a MAX232 circuit in order to 'downgrade' the serial port of the PC to a TTL signalling port, which is most commonly used in embedded environments.

This interface is one of such boards, with the difference that it communicates to the PC using USB. These days, serial ports are getting phased out, especially on laptops. By using USB, the interface can be powered from the PC instead of the embedded application. This saves power and an extra wire/power connection.

E107 Specifications:
      USB 2.0 Full-speed (12Mbps),
      Bus powered,
      Dimensions (hwd): 6.5x13.5x44.5mm.
      Supplied with driver disk and cable set.

   Cable set:
      2 Connector housings,
      10 Crimp-terminated wires 300mm.

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69-107-100LVTTL RS232 Interface boardIn stock€ 33 ex VAT
69-107-901Extra cable set for E107In stock€ 5 ex VAT