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The battery management system centers around our daisy chainable cell & balancer modules. These modules are attached to individual cells and provide monitoring capabilities via a robust serial link.

The daisy chain eliminates the imminent risk of common fully integrated BMS boards which typically use a common wiring loom to connect with all cell terminals. With increasing cell counts, this creates a challenge wrt high voltages. But there is also always the risk of short-circuit and other failures between cell connections.

Active balancing:

The balancer modules have a integrated ~50W flyback converter that allows for removing charge from individual cells and to divert that energy to the cell stack or to a separate power resistor / heating element.

Active balancer module


  • Voltage 2-6VDC
  • Balancer current up to ~10A
  • Dual NTC sensors
  • Bi-color LED for status and fault indication
  • Current-loop 'bal.link' serial uplink/downlink
  • Pass-through for heater element connection