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The BMS module handles the communication with the cell modules and with the CAN-bus. It also incorporates the charge and discharge contacts, current shunts for both paths, charge accumulator logic, control of heater circuitry and connections for display and fire extinguisher module.

All essential parameters are hard-coded or only accessible behind a lockout mechanism. This reduces risks regarding wrong voltage, current or temperature limits. It also greatly reduces the perceived complexity of the battery.

BMS module


  • Operating voltage 20-30VDC (nominal ~25.6V)
  • Designed for 105Ah or 280Ah LiFePO4 cells in 8S1P or 8S2P configurations
  • 200A Discharge and 100A charge paths, individual switchable, short-circuit proof
  • Current-loop 'bal.link' serial port for cell communication
  • Independent charge and discharge shunt resistors for current measurement and charge accumulation
  • State of Charge operating region 10% to 95%
  • Statistics-based balancing and advanced OCV-based end/top balancing
  • Heater output for cold climate operation (charge < 0°C, discharge < -20°C)
  • Battery statistics for delivered energy, saved energy, cell voltages and charge cycles
  • Event logging via CAN-bus
  • I2C telemetry link for fire extinguisher system
  • CAN-based OGS control® bus connects up to 48 batteries with the OGS control® Master
  • Optional front panel graphic display

'OGS control' is a registered trademark of Reijneveld Machinebouw B.V.