Guide pin

Using the PCB guide pin, you can adjust your PCB under test on a bed on nail, especially when the PCB does not have (round) mounting holes. The guide pins are placed alongside the board under test. Thanks to the off-center mounting hole in the middle of the pin, the printed circuit board can be aligned with the testprobes. Typically two pcs of each side in one direction, and one on the sides in the other direction. This secures the board in X-Y position as well as it's rotation. Also for boards that have regular mounting holes, these guide pins can be a viable substitute for aligning the PCB because of the wear resistance and the radial strength of these pins are much better that with pogo alignment pins.

The only online source for such pins we could find, is very expensive with a price of almost €7 per piece. So we figured we would be better off designing our own guide pin, and have it manufactured for us. Obviously such manufacturing comes with a significant MOQ, so we're offering some for sale.

NederlandsMet de PCB inleghulp pinnen kunt u uw PCB centreren boven de testprobes in het geval de printplaat niet van (ronde) locatiegaten voorzien is. De inleghulpjes worden aan de zijkanten van de PCB geplaatst. Doordat het bevestigingsgat uit het midden zit kunt u de printplaat nauwkeurig boven de testpennen uitlijnen. Ook voor PCB's met bevestigingsgaten kunnen deze pinnen een handig alternatief zijn doordat de slijtvastheid en de zijwaardse sterkte van deze pinnen veel groter zijn dan van verende pennen.



Typically, the guide pins are installed using M3 socket screws. Most of the time we use M3x25 blank screws for this purpose, in conjunction with press-fit M3 nuts in the carrier board of the tester. These parts are not included.

Test- en programmeer systeem om een aantal printplaten te kunnen herprogrammeren en verifieren.
Functional testers for a line of printed circuit boards.


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84-911-050Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 50pcsIn stock€ 150 ex VAT
84-911-100Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 100pcsIn stock€ 250 ex VAT
84-911-300Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 300pcsIn stock€ 600 ex VAT