Projectvorm: Fixed + production margin
Period: Spring 2024
Activities: Electronics design, prototyping, production.


The client operates a large industrial-scale UV inkjet printer to print labels on vinyl records. The ink and printheads of this printer are very demanding. Therefore a control system was developed based on an embedded PLC module from ACE Automation to control heaters and pumps using thermal input, loadcells and level sensors. This control is applied for each ink channel with up to 10 channels on each printer. All the modules are connected by RS485 to allow them to be controlled and monitored from a single point.

We were asked to develop a circuit board for this PLC system so that the solution will become easier to install and maintain. Because of time pressure and sufficient technical knowledge at the customer, we agreed on an intensive review back-and-forth to greatly increase the chance for first-time-right.


  • PLC: eACE 1450
  • 2× thermocouple input
  • 2× loadcell input
  • 8× digital input for level switches
  • 2× 200W heater output
  • 4× 24W motor output
  • 4× spare digital output
  • Power supply: 24Vdc
  • Dimensions: 150mm × 94mm (excl DIN rail mount & plugs)
  • DIN-rail mounted