Overview of various hardware and software products developed by White Bream and various miscellaneous R&D activities. Partly merely experimental, but mostly with commercial intentions.


Conducted EMI CDN
Coupling/decoupling networks for IEC 61000-4-6 conducted EMI testing.
ESD Calibration target
Test target for IEC 61000-4-2 ESD verification or calibration.
Leakage current networks
Four leakage current networks for IEC 61010 and IEC 60990 testing.
Surge CDN 6kV 3CH
3-Channel decoupling network for surge immunity testing up to 6kV.
DIN-rail Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3 in DIN-rail enclosure with 20W power supply, CAN-bus, RS232, I/O, watchdog and T-BUS connection.
Battery emulator 10A
Emulator for rechargeable lithium cells with 10A charge & discharge current.
Ideal Diode 600A
Active diode for battery isolation and OR-ing, capable of 600 amp current.
Raspberry Pi
Some experimental work with the popular Raspberry Pi module. Adds watchdog and shutdown functions.
PCB tester & USB hub
Compacte low cost PCB testers en panel mount USB hub.

Intellectual Property

Scope screenhot
Python srcipt to pull a screenshot from an oscilloscope over Ethernet.
CANopen device stack
Our implementation of a CANopen® stack for field devices based on STM32 microcontroller.
Media Transfer Protocol
Implementation of the MTP protocol to work with ST's USB Device stack & FatFS.
CAN-bus system
IOT Sensor & device network based on CAN-bus.
IrDA protocol stack
Infrared (IrDA) Ansi-C protocol stack voor embedded controllers.
SIR Endec
VHDL Module for implementing an IrDA serial encoder/decoder in an PLD or FPGA.
1-Wire controller
VHDL Module for implementing an 1-Wire controller in an PLD or FPGA.
RC5 Decoder
RC5 remote control decoder implementation in VHDL.

Miscellaneous projects

Keytek ECAT option VI
Clone of the ECAT instrumentation PCB for the ECAT surge generators, these are needed for measurement of the surge voltage & current.
Single pair ethernet
Research & development with single pair ethernet technology and power over data lines.
Fietsslot met NFC
Ontwikkeling van een fietsslot mechaniek en bijbehorende aansturing.
Openelec HTPC met CEC
Modificatie van Intel NUC voor interne USB aansluitingen en HDMI CEC adapter.
USB I/O Module
USB Module voor uitbreiding van UNIGO èn generieke PC fysieke I/O mogelijkheden.
Upgrade UNIGO
Upgrade van het mainboard van het UNIGO/CARGO car computer systeem.
Smaller Car computer
Ontwikkeling van een nòg kleinere versie van de car computer systeem met een Q-seven CPU module.
UNIGO Car computer
Ontwikkeling van een extreem compact car computer systeem op basis van een ETX module.
Artificial network 10A
Artificial network for low-current CISPR25 automotive testing.
Mini-ITX Car power supply
Miniatuur ATX voeding voor Mini-ITX systemen in de auto.
IrDA Evaluation board
Evaluation board with Renesas H8 for our IrDA stack.
SMD Protoboard
Tiny PCB for prototyping small SMD circuits.
USB to TTL RS232 converter
USB dongle with Silicon Labs UART interface.
24-Bit Audio AD Converter
Professionele 24-bit 96kHz AD converter met gebalanceerde in- en uitgangen.
T&M photos & teardowns
"Don't turn it on,
take it apart!"
Overige ontwikkelingen
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