This embedded IrDA® protocol stack originated early 2000 from a graduate project for a barcode reader manufacturing company.

Two years later the idea came up to improve and rewrite lots of the code to make it suitable for resale. This resulted in the IrDA Lite stack. Because this stack was hard to implement and configure, this development has been continued until the third quarter of 2003. Now this process is almost finished with the (pre)release of the IrDA secondary station stack.


Enhancements are planned for the IrDA stack. Next year an IrOBEX extension is to be developed. This extension can be integrated with the current secondary stack very easily.

With IrOBEX it will be possible to access the file system of your embedded device without complicated or hard to use interface mechanisms.


Feature: Lite: secondary:
Code size 8 kilobytes 9 kilobytes
Memory size 1/2 kilobytes 2 kilobytes
CPU load ? ?
Speed 9600 bps up to 115200 bps
Extensible No Yes
IrCOMM / IrLPT Yes Yes
IrOBEX No Option
Custom protocols Complicated Simple
Ansi C No Yes
Compiler/cpu dependencies Many Little
Price discontinued € 1950.-
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