Period: 2020-2022
Activities: Design electronics and firmware, prototyping, pilot production
Technologies: STM32 Cortex M7, SPI, DipTrace, C, USB, USB-MSC, Lattice FPGA, VHDL


This project is about the continued development of the CMY-based reflective display. The customer has made progress with the 'glass' aka bi-pane development and came up with a larger version consisting of 22×14 pixels. The request is to be able assemble display modules, each consisting of six tiles, each of which consisting of a cyan, magenta and yellow bi-pane. So one display panel contains 6×3=18 bi-panes or 18×22×14=5544pixels. There is one little catch; all of these pixels must be driven simultaneously by continuous PWM signals, therefore multiplexing is not an option!



Agentschap NL
Gerealiseerd onder het
innovatieprogramma WBSO

ARM Cortex M3

Lattice Semiconductor