We have and use one of these classic Keytek ECAT surge test systems in our EMC lab. To this day, it's a very capable machine. However, there were some limitations, one of which is that the voltage and surge measurement circuitry is optional for each surge module individually. On our system, we did not have this option "-VI" on the E502B 10/700µs module, and on E514 10/1000µs module it was missing. This option would be particularly usefull for these modules since we use both through the front panel only.

We could have this option installed by M Precision Laboratories, but this would involve shipping the unit to the USA and back, and probably has a hefty price tag. Btw (and for SEO), this option has a unique name for each module, for example E501-VI, E501A-VI, E501B-VI, E502-VI, E502A-VI, E502B-VI, E502K-VI, E503-VI, E504-VI, E504A-VI, E505-VI, E510-VI, E510A-VI, E513-VI, E514-VI, E515-VI, etc

I did take a good look at on of these modules and decided to take a chance of reverse engineering it and do a modern replacement of this board. An exact copy would be easier, but that's kinda futile because all critical components are very much obsolete. During earlier research into the inner workings of the ECAT system, we already learned what it takes to 'install' the option in the firmware in order for the operation system to recognise it.

Reproduction of Keytek ECAT option-VI board

So far we have successfully installed these modules in our E505 and E514 surge modules.

Work in progress on a replica of the (obsolete) Coaxicon connectors that are needed to connect with the backplane...


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