Projectvorm: Design & manufacturing
Periode: 2011
Aktiviteiten: Schemadesign, PCB layout, prototyping, production
TechnologieŽn: USB, K-Line (ISO 9141)


K-Line adapter assembly One project using the Unigo car computer system required interfacing with a VDO digital tachograph. That device exposes some data on it´s K-Line interface. Basically, this is an open-collector single-wire 10.4 kbaud serial interface using a standard N81 serial data format.

This was implemented using a small PCB containing an FTDI RS232 to USB adapter with an ST L9637 line driver. A few passives, a USB plug connector and a Molex MicroFit socket completed the device.

The design is financed on a minimum buy requirement, with a fraction of engineering cost added to the price of the device.

Bare PCB, assembly and completed
Made in Holland


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