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Much of our 6kV surge-rated devices are offered with an optional surge test report for which each unit is individually subject to a surge test sequence. This involved quite a bit of swapping of wires to setup fo each coupling mode. Since this entire test sequence is scripted with SCPI control of surge generator and oscilloscope, we wanted to have a remote controlled test signal multiplexer as well. This would allow for a fully automated test. However, the problem is that relays that can deal with 6kV impulse voltages and 3kA impulse currents are rather exotic and pricey (mercury displacement relays would be okay, same as used in the Keytek surge generator, but those are problematic in terms of price, availability, health hazard, environmentally hazard and their use subject to lots of legislation). Regular industrial contactors might do the job, but that gets very noisy and bulky very quickly. Industrial cam switches seem suitable too, if only there were a way to rotate the knob automatically...


The motor assembly goes in place of the existing spline shaft of the cam switch. Depending on the design of the switch, the indent mechanism might need a bit of loosening.

During initial calibration, the motor driver looks for peaks and valleys in the motor current to learn about the indent locations and end positions (if any). The valleys are supoosed to align with the switch positions. For endless rotation sitches, position 1 must be set in the configuration menu. After calibration, the motor position is kept in non-volatile memory

Motorized cam-switch

Specifications motor:

  • 24mm Brushless DC planetary gear motor 24V xW 120rpm
  • Mounting bracket and shaft adaptor to install on many 48mm cam switches

Specifications driver:

  • CANopen interface
  • Voltage range 9-30VDC
  • Connections: pluggable screw terminals
  • DIN-rail open frame design
  • Dimensions 50×60×20mm


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