offGrid Systems website
Project duration: ~1 months
Projectvorm: Fixed price
Period: autumn 2015
Activities: Idea, proof of concept, design electronics and firmware, prototyping, production, support & warranty
Technologies: STM32 Cortex M3, CAN-bus, C, DipTrace, EmBits


The master module of the Off-Grid system already has a few logic inputs and outputs. However, for some systems, those are not enough and additional I/O's are required. This module provides such feat.

Digital I/O module


  • 8 Digital inputs with 6-70V signal level
  • Per port selectable pull-up or pull-down resistors
  • 8 Digital protected open-drain outputs
  • CAN-based OGS control® bus to connect with an OGS control® Master
  • 22.5mm Railbox enclosure

Agentschap NL
Gerealiseerd onder het
innovatieprogramma WBSO

ARM Cortex M3

'OGS control' is a registered trademark of Reijneveld Machinebouw B.V.