OffGrid Systems website
Project duration: ~1 months
Projectvorm: Fixed price
Period: winter 2019
Activities: Idea, design electronics and firmware, prototyping, production, support & warranty
Technologies: STM32 Cortex M0, CAN-bus, RFID, ISO 14443A, C, DipTrace, EmBits


New Off-Grid system machines have electronically controlled door locks with multiple feedback signals. In order to enable easy installation, we have developed a lock controller which can manage a single door with up to 4 locks. This controller is mounted locally to the door, so for wiring, only the OGS-bus connection is required (ie CAN-bus + 24V power).

Door lock module


  • Connections for 4 door lock modules
  • Total of 8× digital inputs with 3.3V pullups
  • Total of 4× high-side current limited motor drive outputs
  • RC522 RFID reader module directly to the PCB or via an RJ12 connection
  • CAN-based OGS control® bus to connect with an OGS control® Master
  • 50x60mm OEM-style PCB assembly


The system uses NTAG213 key fob tags for the access control. These tags provide encryption capabilities as to greatly reduce tampering possibilities.

ARM Cortex M3


'OGS control' is a registered trademark of Reijneveld Machinebouw B.V.