Electronics parts:

Partno: Description:Package:DC: Quantity:Price:Action:
TI TPS26602... EFuse 60V 2.35AQFN242020 500€ 4.00/ea
Murata PAH-28/12.5-D24NB-C DC/DC Converter 350W, Vin=18-36V, Vout=28V 12.5AHalf brick2019 20€ 75.00/ea
Bel Power 0RQB-C5U54LG DC/DC Converter 162W, Vin=18-75V, Vout=54V 3AQuarter brick2019 40€ 75.00/ea
Murata UWE-12/10-Q48N-C DC/DC Converter 120W, Vin=18-75V, Vout=12V 10AEighth brick2019 25€ 40.00/ea
Maxim MAX7315ATE+ GPIO ExpanderQFN162006 110€ 1.30/ea
Honeywell SS466A Hall sensorTO-92-Flat-32006 5000€ 990.00/1k
Conexant BT878A PCI Video encoderPQFP1282006 20€ 10.00/ea

Embedded computing parts:

Partno: Description:Form factor:DC: Quantity:Price:Action:
Intel J51412-403 Intel J51412-403 Compute card N3450, 4GB RAM, 64GB storageCompute Card2017 2€ 300/ea
Congatec 041031 A.1 conga-XAF-T56N, newETX2012 9€ 300/ea
Congatec 012347 B.0 conga-E855/373 Celeron ULV 1GHz + 512MB + HS*, used for testingETX~2008 3€ 400/ea
Congatec 024477 B.2 conga-ELX/800 LX800 AMD moduleETX200X 1€ 300/ea
Commell ES-270 945GME Socket M module + HS*ETX2007 1€ 300/ea
Avalue ESM-2740 Celeron M 600MHz module + 512MB + HS*ETX2006 1€ 225/ea
Arbor EmETX-v601 Via Eden 533MHz module + 256MBETX2006 1€ 200/ea
Arbor EmETXP-i704 855GM Socket 478 module TV-out + M370 (1.5GHz Celeron M) + 512MB + HS*ETX2007 0€ 200/ea
Aaeon XTX-945 945GME Socket M moduleXTX2009 1€ 200/ea
Arbor EmETX-i2700 945GSE + Atom N270 module + 1GB + HeatsinkETX 3.02009 1€ 225/ea
Intel D945GCLF Intel D945GCLF Desktop boardITX? 1€ 150/ea
Intel D425KT Intel D425KT Desktop boardITX? 1€ 150/ea
Intel NUC D34010WYK Intel NUC D34010WYKNUC? 1€ 150/ea
Via N10000 Via 800MHz mainboardNano-ITX2006 1€ 150/ea
Via PX10000G Via Epia C7 1GHz mainboardPico-ITX2007 1€ 150/ea
*) HS = Heatspreader

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