Quite often, it is desirable to take a screenshot of an oscilloscope screen for one reason or another. Perhaps something needs to be documented, or as part of a problem description, or simply as reference for subsequent measurements. All modern scopes do provide screenshot functionality, but that doesn't extend beyond an USB drive plugged in the scope. Often not that convenient.

This python script is called from your PC and connects over Ethernet with the oscilloscope to take and retrieve a screenshot. While at it, it negates the picture and shifts the hue somewhat to darken bright colors a bit. Then it saves the image to a PNG and to a PDF and also calls the system image viewer to put the image on screen.

The script is not fancy, IP address and such is hardcoded in the script. Also, this is tested only with an R&S RTB2004. Different scopes might require different SCPI commands.

Oscilloscope screenshot