Various options exist to implement the pulse encoding and decoding that is required for the Infrared Data Association serial infrared physical layer. The most commonly used option is the use of a dedicated integrated circuit such as those available from Texas Instruments, Agilent or Vishay. Also occasionally microcontrollers are available with IrDA enabled ports.
Another solution is to use an implementation with programmable logic. Especially when a PLD or FPGA is already in use in a project, this can be a very cost effective solution.

Cost effective:

This implementation uses the programmable logic way. As a component it can be instantiated in VHDL the same way as it's IC equivalents on a printed circuit board. Since certain CPLDs are available for less than $1 (even in low-volume), this solution can be cheaper than using an off the shelf integrated circuit.

Implementing services:

White Bream can offer additional services to merge other logic functionality in a design together with this Endec to create a complete 'one chip' solution. You may contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibilities.


  • Serial infrared standard (SIR),
  • 9600 - 115.200 Baud,
  • Uses 16x baudrate clock,
  • VHDL source

Chip resources:

  • 31% of Xilinx XC9536XL,
  • 34% of Lattice M4-32/32,
  • 1.4% of Actel APA075,
  • 2% of Xilinx XC2S30


The product can be licensed for a one-time flat fee (for one target implementation):

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73-121-100Infrared SIR Endec - royalty free source licenseIn stock€ 100 ex VAT
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