Projectvorm: Joint Venture, continuation of earlier developments
Period: 2016-2017
Activities: Electronics, prototyping, firmware, web 'app' development, support & warranty
Technologies: Cortex M3, Cortex M4, FreeRtos, Lwip, TCP/IP, WhizNets wifi, TFT emWin, LIN bus, PID, Stepper motor
Parts: STM32F100, STM32F429, TS30012, TSSP77038, STMPE811, MT48LC8M16, WHZ4178, TPS61087, MAX15062, A4983


Smartshower Art Various 'smart' shower solutions already exist. But now there is a solution that does not require a complete bathroom overhaul. Besides the exchange of the old shower with this new device, the only thing that needs to be changed is the supply of a 12V (SELV) power supply connection.

Using a very thin glas overlay on a resistive touch display, we have created a scratch and water proof solution for a very flexible control interface. This controller allows for control of the shower, access of presets, configuration, and display of usage statistics. In addition, it allows for future enhancements, particularly for the care and hospitality applications. The integration of Wifi networking allows for for remote access of settings and safety features and remote logging of statistics. This opens possibilities for water and energy monitoring and potentially savings, for example by limiting shower duration, maximum temperature or water flowrate.

ISH 2017
SmartShower.Art has been presented at the ISH 2017 fair in Frankfurt am Main, March 14-18. The concept has also been featured in various online and print magazines and publications.

ARM Cortex M3