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69-107-100 LVTTL RS232 Interface boardIn stock€ 33 ex VAT
69-107-901 Extra cable set for E107In stock€ 5 ex VAT
69-109-301 DIN-rail Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ module, complete with Pi & connectorsPreorder only€ 229 ex VAT
73-121-100 Infrared SIR Endec - royalty free source licenseNot in stock€ 100 ex VAT
77-038-200 K-Line USB adapterIn stock€ 39 ex VAT
77-038-201 K-Line USB adapter with MicroFit cable 1.8mIn stock€ 44 ex VAT
77-068-040 Ideal diode 40V 600AIn stock€ 65 ex VAT
77-068-055 Ideal diode 55V 550ASpec. order€ 75 ex VAT
77-068-075 Ideal diode 75V 480AIn stock€ 70 ex VAT
77-088-133 Buck regulator 3.3V 6ASpec. order€ 20 ex VAT
77-088-150 Buck regulator 5V 6APreorder only€ 20 ex VAT
77-091-100 Load switch 30V 100APreorder only€ 159 ex VAT
80-522-100 Panel mount USB 2.0 hubIn stock€ 45 ex VAT
83-110-100 Media Transfer Protocol source license for single product typeNot in stock€ 1750 ex VAT
83-110-101 Media Transfer Protocol license for additional productNot in stock€ 750 ex VAT
83-110-102 Media Transfer Protocol license for unlimited productsNot in stock€ 3000 ex VAT
83-131-110 Infrared secondary station protocol stack source licenseNot in stock€ 1950 ex VAT
84-423-100 Battery emulator 10APreorder only€ 199 ex VAT
84-911-050 Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 50pcsIn stock€ 150 ex VAT
84-911-100 Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 100pcsIn stock€ 250 ex VAT
84-911-300 Eccentric guide pin for ICT testers, 300pcsIn stock€ 600 ex VAT

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