English summary

White Bream is a one-man engineering company, which develops electronics solutions in the broadest sense and with a most flexible approach.

The electronics solutions of White Bream cover about any aspect in the field of electronics and embedded systems. Issues like analog and digital circuit design, PCB layout, VHDL design and implementation, user interfaces and simple mechanics.

White Bream strongly prefers small and quick projects over the time and money consuming megaprojects that many customers fear. Parts of larger projects, like PCB design or IP implementation, can be considered small projects on their own. Such subprojects are very nice as well.

The development services of White Bream are primarely targetted at the Dutch market. Therefore the majority of this website is setup in Dutch. However, primary does not necesarily mean exclusively, so your requests or feedback are most welcome. Some company background information can be found on the about page at www.whitebream.com.