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Testing of electronics for automotive applications calls for a special artificial network (or line impedance stabilisation network, LISN), which provides a normalized impedance on the power lines for measurement purposes. This networks are readiliy available but usually at pretty steep prices. This design is about a small low current artificial network for pre-complinace testing. Most devices that need to be tested don't require excessive currents (> 10A). This makes it possible to use of-the-shelf parts for the network instead of special custom parts.

      Standard: CISPR25,
      Voltage: 400Vpk,
      Current: 10A,
      Networks: 1uF/5uH (2),
      Tolerance: 20%,
      Power: 4mm Jacks,
      BNC coaxial ports,
      Metal flanged case,
      Dimensions 44x82x139mm.

This device is for pre-compliance verification purposes only. Coverage for CISPR25 is not verified nor guaranteed. Use at your own risk only.