During the development of some PCB tester, we encountered the need for a small USB hub module to connect various USB device in- and around the tester to a single USB port on the host PC. If one doesn't mind a messy pile of wiring, this is no problem, but we did not want that.

Small USB hub

Since we already have ample supply of USB2 hub controllers and connectors, it was decided to create a small embedded USB hub module. This module fullfills a couple of features that are not so easily realized otherwise.

  • Hub controller Genesys Logic GL852G
  • Panel mounted so that the USB-B port is facing outwards
  • Two of the downstream USB ports facing are facing outward also, for connection of external DMM and barcode reader
  • Internal standard USB port for internal device (in our application the JTAGkey2)
  • Downstream port 4 on a 2.5mm JST XH header for jumper-like wiring to custom hardware
  • Mounting poles to facilitate mounting agains case wall with M2.5 screws
  • Some auxilliary holes to mount on a flat surface
  • Fake self-powered mode to enable barcode scanners with IMAX > 100mA
Made in Holland


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